Why using a unique selling mechanism will captivate your customers.

Do you remember The Thighmaster?- Maybe you bought one! This marketing phenomenon made over $100 million!

How did they do it? They harnessed the power of their unique selling mechanism.

Marketers constantly bombard us with claims that their product is the ‘biggest’, ‘best’, or ‘fastest’. When you start to market your brand, you’ll probably think of using these tricks too.

The problem is, this can turn your customers off.

As your potential customers get more sophisticated to marketing messages; they begin to doubt claims often made by brands, especially if there’s lots of competition. They’ve heard them all before and there’s nothing new to grab their attention, so they simply stop listening.

So what else CAN you do to get them to notice you?

Your unique selling mechanism.

You see, the secret of the unique selling mechanism is showing your prospective customers HOW your product or service delivers the results they want in a completely unique way; distinctive from any other products or services they’ve tried before.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a crowded market place, you’ll ALWAYS be able to deliver magnetic marketing with a unique mechanism.

And The Thighmaster is a master class in this.

The Thighmaster used infomercials to market their product. The Thighmaster’s unique mechanism; that firmer thighs could be created ‘quickly and easily’ with its patented technology was essential to this success. Each infomercial clearly highlighted how the results people wanted (firmer thighs) could be achieved in completely new way to anything customers had seen or tried before.

Your prospective customers don’t want to hear about bigger or better; they want to hear about a unique way to get the result they want. Every single product or service can find their unique mechanism; using yours will create marketing that captivates and converts.

Have you used the power or your unique mechanism to drive sales?

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