Want More Clients On LinkedIn? No Hard Sell Here Folks!

Why you need to ditch the hard-sell and focus on social selling.

What do brands such as Dominos and Coca Cola have in common?

They both know that the hard-sell doesn’t work.

The hard-sell leaves your customers feeling annoyed, undervalued and turned-off from your brand.

So what’s the strategy your business SHOULD be using?

How DO brands like Dominos consistently outperform their rivals while building customer trust and brand reputation?

The secret is social selling.

Social selling uses social media interaction to create conversations and relationships with your customers.

You see, customers LOVE to interact with brands via social media, instantly identifying them as potential marketing leads. With social selling, you’ll be able to drive your brand values through all communication; all while building customer trust and awareness without the hard-sell. Social selling massively boosts customer engagement with your brand.

And engagement means more sales.

Dominos are masters of social selling. They encourage customers to share their pizza designs across Twitter and Instagram and constantly interact through comments and likes. They know that great customer relationships will always payback.

Coca Cola’s current campaign asks customers to share positive messages across their social media. Offering quality, shareable content is a great way to increase customer engagement without direct selling.

But can social selling work for you?

I prefer the term social serving ….. Provide value with everyone you meet on LinkedIn, use the platform to show you are an authority in your space. The best way to do that is to Give….. give value.

Produce regular content that will engage with your customers, like and share their content where appropriate. Creating the opportunity for social media conversations is important, as they’ll build your brand trust and reputation.

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